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Antim Sanskar/ Death Funeral

People follow many rituals, out of all those, Death funeral or Antim Sanskar is a very important ceremony. The name ‘Antim Sanskar’ itself means the Last ritual. People celebrate Antim Sanskar after the death of a person for the peace of his/her soul.

According to Hindu mythology, everyone considers that it is only the body that dies but the soul takes rebirth in a different form. This process of rebirth continues until the soul meets true nature. This is mentioned as Brahma. The soul can take the form of human, animal, insect, or plant. Hindus are true believers of Karma. They believe that all suffer in life for their past karma.

Ways of Celebration in brief:-

All have their way of performing this ceremony. For the peace of the dead soul, many people do fasting for several days along with prayers. Some shaved their hair as a ritual of sacrifice for the dead one.

The family members invites priest to perform the funeral. Normally people celebrate the main puja or ceremony on the 11th or 13th day after death. The priests do pujas to wipe out the negative deeds of the dead soul to set it free. Pandits ask for all the necessary items. They pray for the soul with intense prayers and use mantras. Moreover, Mostly fruits are used in this ceremony. The family invites guests to attend the party.

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