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Navratri Puja 2022: North Indian Pandit in Bangalore

Navratri Puja. The long awaited 2022 Navrati (Sharadiya) is around the corner. A paradise for the devotees of various subsects of Shakta Sampradaya and others. It is an auspicious period of transition between two seasons. Not just spirituality, immunity is also a scientific reason that people fast in this season.

Talking about meaning, Navratri finds its etymology from two Sanskrit words, ‘Nava’ meaning ‘nine’ and ‘Ratri’ means ‘night’.

Where Is Navratri Celebrated in India?

People celebrate Navratri in most of the states of India. However, different communities may have different versions of Navratri puja. Like in West Bengal, people observe Durga Puja. In North India, some people worship Sanjhi Mata. We observe Similar practices everywhere with different variations. Some celebrate it for an entire fortnight.

Navratri Puja, Pandit in Bangalore

Day Wise Breakdown of Navratri Puja

For busy people, “What Navratri day is today?” is an everyday question during Navratri. Here, we’ve come up with day wise details.

Pratipada- Day 1

This is the day of Mata Shailaputri. We recommend that you wear orange colour. This day signifies happiness.

Dwitiya/ Doj- Day 2

On this day Mata Brahmacharini is worshipped. We recommend that you wear white colour. This day signifies chastity.

Tritiya/ Teejo- Day 3

On this day Mata Chandraghanta is worshipped. We recommend that you wear red colour. This day signifies fearlessness.

Chaturthi/ Chauth- Day 4

On this day Mata Kushmanda is worshipped. We recommend that you wear red colour. This day signifies desire.

Panchami- Day 5

On this day Mata Skandamata is worshipped. We recommend that you wear yellow colour. This day signifies zeal.

Shashthi/ Chhati- Day 6

On this day Mata Katyayani is worshipped. We recommend that you wear green colour. This day signifies fertility and growth.

Saptami/ Saate- Day 7

On this day Mata Kaalratri is worshipped. We recommend that you wear grey colour. This day signifies power.

Ashtami/ Aathe- Day 8

On this day Mata Mahagauri is worshipped. We recommend that you wear purple colour. This day signifies nobility.

Navami/ Naumi- Day 9

On this day Mata Siddhidaatri is worshipped. We recommend that you wear green colour. This day signifies grace.

Highlights of Navratri Puja

Following are some symbols of the Navratri Puja without which it is incomplete.

Sowing Barley

People sow barley seeds in a mixture of sand and soil. Once you have the barley grass ready, count it as one of the samagri of the Havan.

After Navratri comes the Dussehra. Many North Indian sisters keep these barley grass strands on their brothers’ ears on this day. People tie this grass with books, weapons, instruments, and stationery on Vijayadashami itself. Some just offer it to river or any other water body nearby.

Akhand Jyoti

Yajman lits the lamp and ensures it keeps throughout the Navratri.

Kalash Sthapana

The Kalash is very important in our Shastras. Its significance improved even further after the Samudra Manthana when Dhanvantari appeared holding a Kalasha containing elixir. Renowned designers of the bygone era, Charles and Ray Eames came to India and researched on Kalashas.

The yajman installs the Kalash on the first day of Navratri. The Kalash remains there until the Kanya Pujan.

Kanya Pujan

On Ashtami, Kanya Pujan or what many north Indians call Kanjak Puja, takes place. Many people wind up their celebrations on Ashtami itself and open their fasts. On the other hand, some celebrate the Kanya Pujan or Kanjak on Navami.

Yajmans invite young girls up to the age of nine for meals and treat. They gift them various items.

Everyone worships girls up to the age of nine just like Devis. This is because they do not have any negativity in their minds.

Navratri Puja Avenues

You can do a simple Navratri puja at home. Navratri is good with any budget. All Devi Mata wants to see is your dedication.

Mata ki Chowki is the most feasible ritual you can indulge in. We have already written about it. You can check it here.

In Navratri, Durga Saptashati, Chandi Path, and Devi Mahatmyam are some popular pujas and paaths you can opt for.

Where to go from here?

Shanti Puja is the brainchild of a North Indian Pandit in Bangalore. Ours is a reputable group of Bihari Pandits. We take care of all the proceedings of rituals. Alongside, we are also good with conducting religious events. For the successful completion of your ritual, we also bring quality puja samagri along with us.

We get super busy during the Navratri. Hence, if you want us to conduct puja for you, we request you to contact us beforehand. We have given the contact details on this website. It will be very convenient for you. Visit our Youtube channel too.

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