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Shradh Puja in Bangalore, pandit for Shradh Puja, after death rituals, pandit in bangalore for Shradh Puja

Shradh Puja in Bangalore | Shraddh Puja | After Death Rituals

Hindu shradh rituals are complete in themselves. They bring us closer to the nature and help us subconsciously understand the cycle of life and death.

Ours is Sanatan Dharma. We are the people who believed in life after death. We were the first to figure out where soul goes after death.

Shraddh/ Mahalaya Paksha/ Pitru Paksha is a 15 lunar days period during which Hindus pay tribute to their ancestors. Throughout the country, there are different death rituals while the overall hindu shraddha vidhi is just the same.

The actual days on which this pitru tarpan pooja occurs is the same. However, based on the differences in the calendars of North and South, the south Indians call the month Bhadrapada while the north Indians consider it as Ashwin.

Many of our yajmans are curious about the rituals to follow after death. There are various rituals to be followed after death. All the vedic rituals after death have scientific significance.

A man does shraddha on the corresponding tithi of his ancestor’s death. Suppose an ancestor died on the Dwitiya of Shrawan, then his family has to do shraddha on the Dwitiya of Pitru Paksha.

For those ancestors, which one does not remember or those whose dates of demise are not known, the Pitru Amavasya Pooja is done for them.

North Indian Pandit in Bangalore

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What about contacting Shanti Puja for conducting Shradh Puja in Bangalore?

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When will shradh end?

Starting on 10th September this year, Shraddhs in 2022 will end on 25th September.

How to do pitru pooja at home?

It is so good that you have decided to conduct the pitru paksha puja at home. It is easy to do pitru pooja at home. To know how to do shradh puja at home, you can contact Pandit ji who will help you with the shradh puja procedure.

Where is pitra dosh puja done? How to perform pitra dosh puja at home?

You need not worry. In various pilgrimages of India, you can do Pitra Dosha Puja. If you just ask us to name the best place for pitra dosh puja, there isn’t one. You can decide wherever is convenient for you. If you want to conduct the puja for pitra dosh nivaran at your home, call Pandit ji and he will guide you well.

There are many Shradh places in India such as Kashi, Pushkar, Bindu Sarovar, Pampa, Gaya, Rameshwaram, Srirangpatna, where performing shradhhs and puja is beneficial.

How is puja performed?

Pandit ji performs Puja as per your traditions as well as the common framework prescribed by the Shastras. Consult with Pandit ji beforehand.

Why shraddha is done? Why shradh is performed?

Though, Shraddhs have supernatural significance. Yet, we can understand it this way that Shraddhs help you remember and pay tribute to your ancestors. They help you pay your Matru Pitru rins.

Apart from the rituals to be performed after death, there are some rituals after funeral.

Who is pitra devta?

Pitra devta is family’s and gotra’s Kuldevta. Pitru in Sanskrit means father.

Who can perform shradh?

Any male member of the family can do Shraddh.

When pitru dosha ends?

Pitru Dosha occurs in a person’s life due to some astrological problems predicted by the birth chart. It also occurs when a person commits some sins.

Pitru Dosha ends naturally when it is of less terrible extent and when the bearer indulges in some good deeds that yield him punyas to wash his sins.

Otherwise, a pitra dosh puja can be very useful.

What are the rituals after death?

After death, the family observes rituals for thirteen days. These after death rituals called antyeshti are very important. Following this, after a year, the family observes Barsi. Further, every year, the family observes Shraddhs.

Is pitru paksha auspicious?  Is pitru paksha inauspicious?

Pitru Paksha is not auspicious, it is inauspicious. You can continue doing what you generally do. However, we recommend that you abstain from starting something new. The best time is after Devothani Ekadashi after Diwali.

Is there afterlife in Hinduism?

Yes, absolutely. To know about afterlife according to Hinduism, you can read the religious literature. Our scriptures are full of such evidences.

Can a daughter perform shradh?

An unmarried, divorced and widowed woman can witness a Shraddh ritual by maintaining distance. A male member of their family does the ritual.

A married woman can sit along with her husband who is doing the rituals.

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