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Dhanteras 2022

Dhanteras is the best festival out there to manifest wealth for you.

Money is power is today’s fast forward world. Attraction towards money has been with us since time unknown. It has been perplexing every person out there. Chanakya also mentions in his Chanakya Sutras, Dharmasya Moolam Arthah.

Dhanteras is a localised version of the Sanskrit word ‘Dhanatrayodashi’ comprising of words ‘Dhana’ meaning money and ‘Trayodashi’ meaning the thirteenth day of the Paksha.

This festival starts giving you the feeling that Diwali almost here.

Omens for Dhanteras in 2022

People find it auspicious to buy jewellery on Dhanteras. Not everyone has the capacity to buy gold these days. Hence, many people go for silver. The market is usually full of different items of gold, silver, and platinum.

Even that you are not able to buy jewellery, it still doesn’t matter. What matters is buying any metal. You can even buy some steel utensils for the kitchen.

Since, there’s a huge demand in the market during Dhanteras, there are chances of adulteration of valuables. Hence, we recommend that you book beforehand.

Make some rangolis at home and offices. Wear the best of your clothes and jewellery even if you are not buying any new.

Dhanteras Puja 2022

On this festival, people worship Mata Lakshmi along with Kuber. The main puja for Mata Lakshmi takes place on Deepawali.

People of several communities also light a lamp for Yama, the deity of death. Some even make the diya out of wheat flour. The tradition varies. The legend dates back to Satyuga, when Samrat Prithu ruled. Everyone in his kingdom prospered, hence no one found his way to Yamaloka. On Yama’s insistence, people started worshipping him on Dhanteras.

Everyone out there is curious about the Dhanteras’ 2022 date and time. Well! This year, Dhanteras will occur on Saturday, 22nd October 2022.

Conducting Kuber and Laxmi Puja

Shanti Puja is run by a north Indian pandit in Bangalore. We have various Bihari pandits in our group. We can conduct rituals both at your home and at locations where we require to handle crowds. Satisfaction of yajmans is what we strive for. In fact, we also bring high quality puja samagri along with us, so that you get the best phala of your rituals. We have given the contact details on this website itself. Visit our Youtube channel too.

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