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Griha Pravesh Puja


A ‘Griha Pravesh Puja’ (house warming) ceremony is an auspicious moment, when a home buyer enters his/her property for the first time, after getting its possession. There is a common belief that there should be no bad omens during the griha pravesh and hence, people take precautions like scheduling the ceremony during a ‘shubh muhurat’ and performing rituals like a puja, havan, etc., with the help of a pandit. Given below are five important points that home buyers can follow, for a flawless griha pravesh.


Before you enter your home, it is important to fix all the Vastu faults, as once you start living in the home, it may become difficult to make changes. “You must not ignore Vastu faults, while entering your new home. If there are any faults and your home’s energy balance is disturbed, then, you may not feel good after entering your home. 

“It is easier to rectify Vastu mistakes, before the griha pravesh.”

Steps that everyone should follow in a time of Griha Pravesh Puja

  • SELECTION OF THE DAY : You must always enter your new home on an auspicious day like full moon day, Dussehra, etc besides entering on a random day. You can always go to a priest or astrologer for suggestions of a good day. 
  • CLEANING THE HOUSE – Before the Griha Pravesh puja, cleaning the house is mandatory. Washing the house with saltwater purifies the place. 
  • RITUALS – Always place your right foot first while entering the house for the very first time. Because people believe it to be a positive start. 
  • DECORATION OF THE ENTRANCE DOOR – People decorate the main entrance door of the house with flowers on that day and mango leaves should be hung on the door. They believe that the decoration of the main door brings positivity. 
  • MAKING RANGOLIS – Try to decorate the house with rangolis on the floor as rangolis are believed to call Goddesses Lakshmi.

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