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Naamkaran Sanskar

So far, in a series of articles based on the 16 rites of Hinduism, we have told our readers about the four samskaras. These include conception, recitation, front elevation and caste work. The first three rites are performed from conception to pregnancy, and the fourth rite is performed at the birth of the Jatakarma Jataka. In this article, we will talk about the fifth rite of Hinduism. The fifth rite is the Naamkaran Sanskar (naming ceremony). 

Importance of naming ceremony

Although the world famous playwright Shakespeare had said what is there in the name, but they can be ignorant that the name is the only one that identifies you. There are a large number of followers of Hinduism in Indian society. Sixteen rites are performed in Hinduism from birth to death of every person, one of them is also a nomenclature.

Since identity is attached to the name itself, it is the name that is earned, that is, fame is the name which is notorious. All of them do their own part. But according to the name, the deeds are identified by whose majesty the person earns the name in good and bad form. What does not do anything special is anonymity. That is why it is important to name it carefully. Among Hindus, it is kept by law under the entire religious process.

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