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Akhand Ramayan Paath in bangalore

Akhand Ramayan Paath in Bangalore

Ramayana is lastly in the text and first in our hearts. Every atom of this Indian subcontinent silently sings the glory of Shri Rama. Blessed is the land of Ayodhya and blessed is every other land Shri Rama, Lakshmana ji and Mata Sita have been.

Attachment for Ramayana

We can hear our elders greet each other with ‘Ram-Ram’. They cry ‘Ram-Ram’ in astonishment. ‘Haye Ram’ is another exclamation of astonishment. Whenever we find something written very long, we make a joke out of it; like, “What a Ram Katha/ Mahabharat Katha you have written!”

We do not limit our attachment to Ramayana to just Ramayan Paath. It is a part of our cultural and religious identity. It is a part of our glorious historical existence. Valmiki Ramayan is the first and foremost.

Ram Mandir is a prize of the struggle of so many. The Ramayana serial got massive traffic on Doordarshan Channel, both when it was telecasted in 1980s as well as three decades apart during lockdown.

Versions of Ramayana

Following this, Tulsidas’ Ramacharitamanasa is the most popular. However, different poets, devotees and authors in different parts of India and other Asian countries have written it in their languages and dialects. This adds to the diversity.

What is an Akhand Ramayan Paath?

We intend to inform our honourable yajmans about the Akhand Ramayan Paath.

In an Akhand Ramayan Paath, panditji reads the entire Ramayan and narrates straight for 24 hours.

What happens is an Akhand Ramayan Paath?

The Akhand Ramayan Paath begins with Aadimangalam and ends with Antyamangalam. In the beginning, panditji invokes various deities. Offerings such as fruits, flowers, scent etc. find place. Various pujas take place.

Along with Akhand Ramayan Paath, several stories from other Puranas and Itihasa are narrated. Bhajans, both from scriptures as well as local are sung along with classical musical instruments.

Finally, after Aarti, the prasad is distributed. The event disperses.

Moreover, most of the rituals vary from family to family.

Benefits of Akhand Ramayana Paath

Even taking the holy name of Shri Rama can wash you off the sins for ages and births. Then, imagine the impact of having the Akhand Ramayana Paath in your family and home.

When you have it done by a Panditji, there will be a propagation of positivity in your home and family. It will attract prosperity. You will prosper in your career. If you have a business, it will also prosper. You’ll have a good marital life with your spouse. There will be peace and tranquillity all over. Your children will also succeed. They will educate well, make careers and settle with good life partners.

What to do if you’re unable to do Akhand Ramayan Paath?<

We understand that it is less possible for every yajman to conduct an Akhand Ramayan Paath. Hence, we suggest they go for Sunder Kand. They can read about Sunder Kand Paath here .

Further, there is no mandate that you do an Akhand Ramayan Paath. You can instead ask the panditji about Saptaha or Maasa Parayan. In these media, Panditji splits the Ramayan paatha into episodes for the entire week (saptaha) or month (maasa). This gets convenient for everyone.

Shanti Puja: How to book Panditji for Akhand Ramayan Paath?

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