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Bhumi Pujan

Bhumi Pujan in Bangalore

Bhumi Pujan is one of the most important rituals that a yajman must start with before the construction of his new property and tilling the land to take permission and blessings from Mother Earth. This Puja removes Vastu Dosh from the plot.

Bhumi in Sanskrit means Earth. Earth deserves respect as the mother by Hindus and other religions. By doing this puja, the yajman seeks permission for disturbing the balance and equilibrium of Mother Earth brought forth by his construction activities.

Why does Bhumi Pujan take place?

Bhumi Pujan or Shankusthapan is performed seeking the permission of the deities for the completion of the construction project in due time. This is also done for requesting the permission for ground breaking from the Mother-Earth, who is worshipped as the consort of Lord Vishnu.

There are various occupants in the land where the construction is to start. Such organisms comprise that land’s biodiversity. Unknowingly, The construction damages all such flora and fauna. There might be some paranormal creatures such pretas, spirits, demons, and ghosts. Such life forms vacate the place following the puja so that the yajman can complete the construction safely and live peacefully.

What are the benefits of Bhumi Pujan?

  1. With Bhumi Puja, the yajman prays that the foundation is strong. It is the most significant part of any construction.
  2. It helps in facilitating the entire construction process smoothly by preventing uncertainties.
  3. Bhumi Puja drives away malefic forces.
  4. The eradicates the Vastu doshas in the land or plot.
  5. Bhumi Puja helps eliminate troubles regarding construction.

Significance of Bhumi Pujan:

Grihyasutras and Vastu Shastra prescribe the methodology of Bhumi Puja or Shankusthapan. It is done to seek the benevolence of Panchabhootas and divine gods.

Bhumi Puja Vidhi:

A typical Bhumi Puja approximately takes around 90 minutes.

The deities worshipped are Lord Ganapati, Griha Devata, Ishta Devata, Bhudevi, Lord Vishnu, Vastu Purush and Kshetrapalak along with other deities. The pandits and the yajman pray to Panch Mahabhutas, namely, Agni (Fire), Jal (Water), Aakash (Space), Vaayu (Air) and Prithvi (Earth). Further, they chant various Vedic sutras and hymns.

We can amalgamate Bhumi Puja with other Homas at the yajman’s request.

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We always recommend the yajmans to schedule the Shubh Muhurta for this Puja. A yajman needn’t worry about these details. What about considering Shanti Puja? Pandit ji can cover everything up. For Bhumi Pujan, you can get in touch with us anytime. Pandit Ji can bring the samagri along if it is not possible for you. You can find the contact details on the website. It would be easy for you to contact.

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